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ACH Banking

A successful business is always looking for new and innovative ways to reduce expenditures, as well as to become more marketable to future customers.

ACH Banking from American Community Bank gives you the tools you need to reduce the operational cost of paying your expenses and billing your customers, streamline the paying of your payroll, reduce the amount of time needed to process your accounts receivable, and reduce the number of delinquent payments. And it's safe and easy!

ACH Banking capabilities are built into our Business Digital Banking system, keeping all of your finances accessible from a single point of access. Ask a banker for more details.

Direct Deposit

Reduced Costs
  • Fewer checks to buy
  • Lower costs for check distribution
Increased Efficiency
  • Eliminates time to print and sign checks
  • Greatly simplifies account reconcilement
  • Eliminates lost/stolen paycheck problems
  • Reduced storage space for canceled checks
  • Fewer incorrect pay amounts from typing checks
  • Easier payroll research
Increased Employee Benefits
  • No need to make a trip to cash or deposit checks
  • Eliminates payroll problems for sick, traveling, or vacationing employees

Direct Payment

Reduced Costs
  • Lower costs for billing (invoice printing, return envelopes, postage, etc.)
  • Lower account charges for ACH items
Improved Cash Flow
  • Immediate access to the funds on the date due
  • Credit amount is known in advance
Increased Efficiency
  • Eliminates time to create invoices
  • Fewer incoming checks to process
  • Improved accuracy over customer-written checks
Increased Service to Customers
  • Eliminates need to write and mail checks
  • Removes concern about late payments
Improved Delinquency Ratio
  • Receive more payments on time
  • Reduces second billing notices
ACH Banking

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