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Lost or Stolen Debit Card:

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Freeze your Debit Card

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Debit Card Freeze

If you use the bank's Mobile App, you'll appreciate this powerful fraud prevention tool available exclusively on the Mobile App.

Debit Card Freeze!

Debit Card Freeze

Your American Community Bank Mobile App includes access to the ultimate debit card fraud protection - the Debit Card Freeze! With this powerful feature, you can enable and disable your American Community Bank debit card with a few taps on your Mobile App - all in real time!

  • Your debit card is stolen? Freeze it so it can't be used fraudulently and then contact the bank.
  • Your debit card is lost? Freeze it! Find it in the couch cushions? Thaw it!
  • Your teen has a debit card for emergencies? Freeze it! Your teen calls and needs a tow truck? Thaw it!
  • Worried about fraud? Freeze it and leave it! Then just thaw it when you need to use it.

Whatever the scenario, you have complete control of your debit card. Ask for more details at any branch.

Mobile App users may incur charges from their cellular data provider(s).

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