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The added convenience of electronic statements (or e-statements) are now available through our Online Banking product. So, instead of receiving your statements in the mail, you can now simply access them here.

Still delivered on a consistent schedule, e-statements are just as reliable as paper statements, and you can access old statements for several months. You can also print your own statements at home.
Also, identity theft is a real concern today, but with an e-statement, your account information is only accessible with your Online Banking User ID and Password.

Go Paperless

To receive e-statements, simply sign up for Online Banking.

Sign Up today!

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about e-statements. Just click on a question to reveal it's answer.

1) What is an electronic statement, or e-statement?


2) Why should I want e-statements?


3) Is my statement information secure?


4) How do I sign up to receive e-statements?


5) Will I be able to print and store my e-statements?


6) Can I have e-statements for multiple accounts?


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