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The added convenience of electronic statements (e-statements) are now available through our Digital Banking with Mobile App products. So, instead of receiving your statements through the mail, you can now simply access them here.

Still delivered on a consistent schedule, e-statements are just as reliable as paper statements, and you can access old statements for months. You can even print your own statements at home if you'd like. Also, with today's concerns about identity theft, e-statements ensure your account information is only accessible with your User ID and Password through our secure Digital Banking products.

Go Paperless

To receive e-statements, simply utilize Digital Banking.

Access Digital Banking today!
Download the Mobile App!

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about e-statements. Just click on a question to reveal its answer.

1) What is an electronic statement, or e-statement?


2) Why should I want e-statements?


3) Is my statement information secure?


4) How do I sign up to receive e-statements?


5) Will I be able to print and store my e-statements?


6) Can I have e-statements for multiple accounts?


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