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Home Equity Products

Your home's available equity is a terrific option for fast, accessible funds at reasonable rates. Whether you're looking to make home improvements, pay off credit card debt, finance an education, or make any major purchase, you can tap into your home's available equity to make it happen.

The difference between your home's market value and the amount you still owe on your loan is your home's equity. In short, it's the portion of your home's value that you've already paid for.

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You can utilize your equity in one of two ways.

Home Equity Line of Credit


Home Equity Loan (Second Mortgage)

Two Tax-Advantaged Ways To Borrow Thousands Of Dollars At Lower Cost

Home ownership provides a solid foundation for our American way of life. This is why home equity credit interest remains largely tax-deductible, when the deductibility of interest on other forms of consumer credit, such as auto loans and charge cards, has been phased out.

American Community Bank offers two convenient ways to take advantage of the deduction (for homeowners only) and obtain $5,000... $15,000... $150,000 or more based on your home's built up equity.

Consider all the ways you could use extra thousands of dollars - money readily available without needing to cash in savings or investments.

Pay off debts.

Use low-cost dollars to wipe out high-interest credit card charges. Pay taxes, accumulated obligations and other expenses.

Finance children's educations.

Handling the rising cost of college is one of the most popular, rewarding uses of home equity credit.

Make home improvements.

Modernize, repair, even enlarge your home to increase your comfort and its property value.

Have money for important purchases.

Buy a car, boat, van, light truck, RV or major appliances simply by writing a check.

Be prepared for the future.

You're ready to take advantage of profitable opportunities, or handle any emergency.

Home Equity

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